7 comments on “Optiontransferselect Tag (Form Tag) Example

  1. Hi,

    I am new to struts 2 and I am struggling to implement struts 2 tag ” option transfer select” .I was able to display the list of objects on the lefthandside and when I transfer the objects to the right and submit including the in my jsp .The action does not call the execute method rather it forwards the page to result type input.Where I am iterating the list of both left and right.But for my surprise I was only able to get Ids of theirs printed of one each.Pls help.

    Thanx in Advance

  2. Tnx for the reply,but solution of dint solve it.

    after including s:head the list on the left and right gets autoselected and gets submitted without calling execute method and redirects to the iterated list page.I am still not able to get the list of left and right hand side in my action.

  3. I guess I was not clear on my last comment.

    Whats happening is when I include is ,and give a simple submit button ,the result tries to find input without calling any method .I redirected the result input in struts.xml to the jsp similar to succesPage as mentioned as per the above example ,it displays id of one selected element each but not the list.I am ot able to understand the behaviour of as it is not calling any of the method neither execute nor the method mentioned in the <s:form action="method.action"…pls advise

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